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Last Few Events for 2017

The Vines - Ellenbrooke

October 29th 2017

Match Play Final

Perry won 8 & 7 against Allan Dawes


SouthWest - Bunbury

Friday 3rd November 2017

Greer, Kane1st 46 points
Gambold, Doug 2nd 43 points
Howard, Lewis 3rd 40 points
Bastian, Bill4th
Crutchett, Perry 5th
McGregor, Mark 6th
Pitt, Reece7th
Smith, Steve 8th
Dyason, Sheldon   9th
Breedon, Gary 10th
Squance, Darryl 11th
Poletti, Ben 12th
Mason, Mark 13th
Franklin, Pat        14th
Mason, Stephen 15th
Pitt, Jim16th
King, Carl 17th
Irving, John 18th
Aitken, Allan 19th


SouthWest - Capel

Saturday 4th November 2017

Howard, Lewis 1st 40 Points
Smith, Steve 2nd 40 Points
Dyason, Sheldon   3rd 35 Points
Poletti, Ben 4th
Franklin, Pat        5th
Gambold, Doug 6th
Mason, Mark 7th
Pitt, Reece8th
King, Carl 9th
Boekelaar Robert 10th
Aitken, Allan 11th
Breedon, Gary 12th
Crutchett, Perry 13th
Squance, Darryl 14th
Hamilton, Chris 15th
Mason, Stephen 16th
Greer, Kane17th
Bastian, Bill18th
Pitt, Jim19th
Gilbert,Barry 20th
Coates, Trevor 21st
McGregor, Mark 22nd

IMG_0034 (2).JPG

Southwest - Harvey

Sunday 5th November 2017

Aitken, Allan 1st 36Points
Coates, Trevor 2nd 34Points
Smith, Steve 3rd 33Points
Squance, Darryl 4th
King, Carl 5th
Bastian, Bill6th
Crutchett, Perry 7th
Boekelaar Robert 8th
Breedon, Gary 9th
Gilbert,Barry 10th
Howard, Lewis 11th
Franklin, Pat        12th
Pitt, Reece13th
Dyason, Sheldon   14th
Gambold, Doug 15th
Mason, Mark 16th
Mason, Stephen 17th
McGregor, Mark 18th
Pitt, Jim19th
Hamilton, Chris 20th
Irving, John 21st
Poletti, Ben 22nd


South West Cup

 Capel  and  Harvey 

The Winner - Steve Smith 

Runner Up - Lew the Pirate

IMG_0035 (2).JPG

Mandurah Country Club

12th November 2017

Teams 3rd Round

Masons Mates - winners 

Stableford points for the day

Hamilton, Chris 1st 41 points

Greer, Kane 2nd 41 points

McGregor, Mark 3rd 39 points

Squance, Darryl 4th

Dyason, Sheldon   5th

Boekelaar Robert 6th

Davis, Stephen 7th

Howard, Lewis 8th

Minchinton, Mark 9th

Handforth,Kevin    10th

Vandyke, Trevor11th

Pitt, Reece12th

Mason, Mark 13th

Gambold, Doug 14th

Breedon, Gary 15th

Aitken, Allan 16th

Pitt, Jim17th


Araluen - Prize Day

19th November 2017

Par -What Happened to the  Lunch - 

Winner on  -1 Ben Poletti

and the rest in no particular order

Aitken, Allan 

Ashworth, Ben

Breedon, Gary 

Coates, Trevor 

Crutchett, Perry 

Davis, Stephen 

Dawes, Alan 

Dyason, Sheldon   

Fox, Norm 

Franklin, Pat        

Gambold, Doug 


Greer, Kane

Hamilton, Chris 


Howard, Lewis 

Mason, Mark 

Mason, Stephen 

Minchinton, Kevin

Minchinton, Mark 

Pitt, Jim

Pitt, Reece

Smith, Steve 

Squance, Darryl 

Vandyke, Trevor

Results 2017: Our Events
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