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Results 2021

Mandurah Country Club

7th November 2021

November Monthly Medal

John Anthony  68

Ray Coffin       68

Barry Gilbert   69

John A.JPG

Wanneroo Golf Course

31st October 2012


Club Champion 2021


South West Cup Results

Overall results for the 2 Games

Final Positions :

1st Kane Greer         - 74

2nd Darryl Squance - 69

3rd John Irving         - 68

Full Results------------->>


Bunbury Golf Course

24th October 2021

Game 2 - South West Cup

Kane Greer  41

Dan Fox      36

John Irving  36


Bussleton Golf Course

23rd October 2021

Game 1 -  South West Cup

Breedon, Gary        38
Squance, Darryl     38
Mitich, Ned            37


Capel Golf Course

22nd October 2021

Phil Mason Day

Fox, Daniel    40
Irving, John     38
Miranda, Russel    36


Secret Harbour Golf Course

17th October 2021

Matchplay Final

John Minnaar 4&3

Nick Lord

Stableford Results

Wayne Greenwood   38

Tony Bartlett             37

Rob Van Herk           36

secret harbour.jpg

Sun City Country Club

10th October 2021

Skins Finals 


Stableford Results

Craig Adam   41

Carl King       39

Steve Smith  37

SKINS 2021.jpg

Hartfield Counrty Club

3rd October 2021

October Monthly Medal

John Anthony  net 68

Ned Mitich      net 70

Gary Breedon net 70

John A.JPG


26 September 2021

Match Play Semi

John Minnaar beat Jim Pitt 3&2

Hammo and Nick will replay at a later date.


Macca 38 beat 

Ned 38 on a count back

Pat Franklin 37


Lakelands Golf Course

19th September 2021

Pairs elimination round 3

John Irving   41

Ned Mitich   38

Gavin Henderson  35

Final standings------->


Meadow Springs Country Club

12th September 2021

September Monthly Medal

Steve Mason            68

Lee Bothma              69

Wayne Greenwood   71

Steve M.JPG

The Vines Ellenbook

5th September 2021

3rd Round Club Championship

Fox, Daniel             64.0
Squance, Darryl     71.0
Hamilton, Chris      72.0

 Current Standings


The CUT Golf Course

29 August 2021

Pairs Finals


the cut.jpg

Kwinana Golf Course

22 August 2021

CC and VCC finals 

Carl beat Dan

Mark G beat Lee

FULL RESULTS--------------------->

August Monthly Medal

Steve Mason blitzed with a 68

Bart Staines came in with a 73

beating Sheldon  73 on a countback.

Steve M.JPG


14th August - Waroona
15th August - Pinjarra

14th August - Waroona

After some questionable handicapping and questionable score manipulations WGC was 30 points ahead.....

15th August - Pinjarra

Clubb Stableford match and second half of the Waroona Challenge...

After a comprehensive explanation by John Mason of the scores achieved over the weekend, the Nomads were declared the winner of the Patrick for 2021....

eagerly awaiting the newsletter 

 Nomads Comp Results

Squance, Darryl   36

Greer, Kane     35

Bothma, Lee   35



8th August 2021

Club Championships 2nd Round

Current position:

Minnaar, John    138
Pitt, Jim    142
Staines, Bart    143
Lord, Nick    144
Breedon, Gary     145
Henderson, Gavin    146
Squance, Darryl     149
Greer, Kane    149
Gilbert,Barry     151
James, Ben    152
Fox, Norm     152
Dyason, Sheldon       153
Hamilton, Chris     153
Mason, Stephen     154
Paskett, Shane     155
Ray,Mick    156
Fox, Daniel    156
McGregor, Mark     157
Mason, Mark     159
Miranda, Russel    160
King, Carl     162
Gabrielson, Mark    167


Mandurah Country Club

1st August 2021

Captains Cup Semi
only one match played - Dan beat Ben 1 up
the other 11 played stableford
Hammo won with 33 pts

mandurah cc.jpg

Melville Glades

25th July 2021

Quarters CC and VCC

Stableford for the rest

Gabrielson, Mark    35
Pitt, Jim    34
Bothma, Lee    34

melville glades_edited.jpg

Araluen Golf  Resort

18th July 2021

July Monthly Medal

Bart Staines   78

Barry Gilbert   84

Wayne Greenwood 84

Darryl Squance  84

Nick Lord   84

bart no face.jpg


11th July 2021

Round 2 Captains and Vice Captains Cup



Gosnells Golf Course

4th July 2021



Secret Harbour Golf Course

27th June 2021

Second Round Pairs

James, Ben Mason, Stephen  64.00

Greer, Kane Gilbert,Barry  66.00

Mason, Mark  Ward, James  68.25

secret harbour.jpg

Pinjarra Golf Course

20th June 2021

June Monthly Medal

Nick Lord          69

Chris Hamilton  73

Shane Paskett  76

Gary Breedon   77

Nick Lord.JPG

Joondalup Resort and Golf Course

13th June 2021

Skins Elimination Round 2



Marri Park Golf Course

6th June 2021

Nomads Memorial Day

Sheldon Dyason  38

Pat Franklin  37

Jim Pitt  34



Hartfield Country Club

30th May 2021


Mandurah Country Club

23rd May 2021

Club Championships Round 1

Jim Pitt    68

John Minnaar  69

Bart Staines  70

Full results on leaderboard


Rockingham Colf Course

16th May 2021

May Monthly Medal

Ray Coffin  73

Jim Pitt   74

Dave Blurton  75


El Caballo Golf Course

9th May 2021

Match play round of 16 Results

Stableford filler 

James Oddie 43 points

el caballo.jpg

Meadow Springs Country Club

2nd May 2021

Gabrielson, Mark    38
Breedon, Gary     35
Staines, Bart    31

m gabby 2.jpg

Araluen Country Club

18th April 2021

First Round Pairs 2021



Pinjarra Golf Course

Captains Cup Eliminations Round 1

Captains Cup Results

Vice Captains Cup Playoffs


The Vines Country Club - Lakes

4th April 2021

April Monthly Medal

Mitich, Ned  --> still adding his score -->
Mason, Stephen 
Howard, Lewis 
Squance, Darryl 
Smith, Steve 
Breedon, Gary 
King, Carl 
Poletti, Ben 
Oddie, James
Hamilton, Chris 


Hartfield  Country Club

28th March 2021


Staines, Bart
Gabrielson, Mark
Minnaar, John
Howard, Lewis 
Fox, Daniel
Oddie, James
Hamilton, Chris 
Fox, Norm 
Irving, John 
Squance, Darryl 


Secret Harbour Golf Course

21st March 2021

Match Play Elimination 2021

Result sheet

secret harbour.jpg

Wanneroo Golf Club

14th March 2021

Skins Elimination Round 1

Top Ten

Howard, Lewis     42
Sneddon, Dave    42
Pitt, Reece    39
Poletti, Ben     37
McGregor, Mark     36
Hamilton, Chris     35
Franklin, Pat            34
Miranda, Russel    34
Breedon, Gary     34
Pitt, Jim    32


Sun City Country Club

7th March 2021

March Monthly Mug

Top Ten


  • Gabrielson, Mark    68.00

  • Sneddon, Dave    69.00

  • Dyason, Sheldon       70.00

  • Pitt, Reece    71.00

  • Adam, Craig    71.00

  • Minnaar, John    72.00

  • Irving, John     73.00

  • Hamilton, Chris     74.00

  • Franklin, Pat            74.00

  • Mason, Stephen     75.00

m gabby 2.jpg

Meadow Springs

28th Feb 2021

Stableford and round 1 Eclectic

Top Ten

O'Brien, Terry 
Blurton, Dave
Squance, Darryl 
Mason, Stephen 
Sneddon, Dave
Staines, Bart
James, Ben
Greer, Kane
Dyason, Sheldon   


The Vines - Ellenbrook

21st Feb 2021


Start of new GOY format

Top Ten

O'Brien, Terry 

Dyason, Sheldon   

Greer, Kane

Mason, Stephen 

Pitt, Jim

Breedon, Gary 

Howard, Lewis 

Brown, Phil

James, Ben


the vines 2.jpg

Mosman Park Golf Course

14th February 2021


Nomads AGM

Steve Mason

Ben Ashworth

Sheldon Dyason

Full results  --------!

mossie park.jpg
Results 2021: Meet the Team
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