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Nomads Golf Club WA (est. 1980)      New Members Guide.

Thank you for joining Nomads Golf Club, I know you will enjoy your golf and more importantly make some good friends along the way.

Nomads Golf Club WA plays exclusively at some of the best private and resort golf courses in Western Australia at a discounted rate.

Essence of the club.

New membership fees are $ 150.00 which includes a Nomads Golf Club shirt.

Renewal membership fees are $ 130.00 each year and are due by the last Sunday in April.

These fees cover our golf affiliation with Golf Australia and Golf Link, it also contributes 20% towards our presentation dinner and wind up function the other 80% comes from our weekly raffles and punch boards sales held after each game.

The more funds we raise during the year...the better our function.

Therefore we need members to participate in fund raising by attending 12 out of the 40 games which will enable you to come to the end of year function for yourself and partner.

Our reputation with the golf courses is second to none, so please endeavor to leave the golf course in a better condition than we found it.

Please find copy of program attached.

Note the South West trip in late October...this is considered our most important fixture of the year, please try and attend when ever possible.

It is a three game week end first being Friday morning followed by a Saturday morning game and the last one on the way home on Sunday morning.

Club rules.

If you want to play, speak with our Captain at the golf course the Sunday before or email / text him the Wednesday before the game you want to play...remember some golf courses charge us if you turn up or not.

If you have put your name down but unable to attend please let the Captain or vice Captains know asap.

Dress code needs to meet golf course standards which is a Nomads club shirt (a $5 fine is payable for not wearing the club shirt) , smart pants (no denim) or shorts (no denim) and white socks.

Points worthy of mention.

Golf courses have been on the war path about slow play...see some helpful hints supplied by our members.

a) maximum time to look for a lost ball is 5 minutes...always play provisional if in doubt

b) unless it affects your match - play ready golf, if you are your ball as long as it does not endanger yourself or others.

c) leave your equipment at the green exit point.

d) mark your cards after teeing off

e) inspect and decide on your putting line before it is your turn...without distracting playing partners

New Member guide: About Us
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